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Visionary farmers with a commitment to long-term regenerative agriculture.

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Join a community of like-minded farmers, united by their passion for the earth and a shared vision of a sustainable tomorrow. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and access to invaluable resources, you’ll find the support you need to make your carbon farming journey a success.

Are you interested in building long-term profitability on your farm?

Are you working to sustain and build your operation for the next generation?

Are you considering new practices but want insights & support from experts like us to ensure your success?

Are you building soil organic carbon?

Want to find out more?

Are you currently, or thinking of, implementing any of the following practices on your farm?

  • Minimum- or no- tillage
  • Diversifying crop rotations using cover crops or inter-cropping
  • improved grazing practices; and
  • using less synthetic nitrogen fertiliser

If so, the AgriCarbon programme may be a great fit for your farm.

To be eligible for payment under our programme, you are required to: