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What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a mechanism used to compensate for corporate or individual carbon footprints through the purchase of carbon credits. A carbon credit represents a reduction or removal of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the atmosphere through a carbon offset, also called a compensation project. By investing in carbon offsets, companies take their responsibility for emissions they can’t reduce or avoid (yet).

At Climate Neutral Group (CNG) – part of Anthesis, we are using our decades of combined experience to develop and deliver credible climate projects for businesses and organisations. Following globally reputable monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) frameworks to provide high-quality carbon offsets. We help the world’s leading organisations to get offsetting right. We utilise 20+ years of carbon finance expertise to avoid reputational risks and to ensure our global clients feel confident when considering carbon offsets.

Carbon offsets play a vital role in a net zero pathway

Our systematic approach is as follows:

  • Avoid unnecessary emissions
  • Reduce what cannot be avoided
  • Offset what cannot be reduced

Climate Neutral Group – part of Anthesis has developed a whitepaper that provides an introduction to carbon offsetting. It explains what offsetting is, why it’s necessary, what the role of the Voluntary Carbon Market is and how reliable carbon credits are. A first step on how offsetting fits into your climate strategy.

SBTi and Offsetting

When your strategy follows the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) criteria and recommendations, offsetting can also be part of your plan. According to SBTi, businesses must prioritise value chain emission reductions to achieve Net Zero. However, they also explicitly state that “companies should go further and invest in mitigation outside their value chains now to contribute towards reaching societal Net Zero”. This means that in complementing reduction measures, SBTi encourages companies to take immediate action through offsetting to help the global economy align with 1.5°C.

For more information go to: Business Carbon Offsets (

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