Regenerative Farming collaboration to drive climate resilient agriculture through carbon credits

Climate Neutral Group (part of Anthesis Group) announces its collaboration with SGS. Through this strategic agreement, already 65 000 hectares of SGS client farms are enrolled into CNG’s AgriCarbon™ programme in 2023. 

SGS is recognised as the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. In the agriculture sector, SGS provides crop science solutions including precision farming, agronomy expertise and laboratory services. These services help to facilitate regenerative agriculture with proper soil health management and increased yield.  

Founded in 2002, CNG – recently acquired by Anthesis Group – is a leading international carbon consultancy, offset developer and provider of nature-based solutions. To-date, the company has supported more than 3,500 companies around the world to reduce their carbon emissions, mitigating over 15 million tonnes of CO2 and improving the lives of many thousands of people by contributing to various Sustainable Development Goals. 

CNG’s flagship AgriCarbon™ programme is one of the first carbon farming programmes in the world eligible for approval under the Verra Carbon Standard using the revised, ‘VM0042: Improved Agricultural Land Management’ carbon methodology and is the most advanced carbon farming programme in South Africa. 


SGS South Africa has offices and laboratories, strategically located around the country, enabling them to assist farmers in every region. 

With this vast reach, AgriCarbon™ can scale its activities to include even more farms countrywide. Initially, the 2021 sign–up window only included dairy farms, but building on the success of the pilot programme, carbon offsets can now be generated across several agricultural sectors – including maize; wheat; soybeans; sunflowers and pastures which includes both dairy and beef cattle.  

Increasing the geographic reach of AgriCarbon™ enables the collection of increasingly accurate and detailed data from farms, which facilitates faster carbon credit verification and pay-outs for these high-quality credits. 

SGS’s decision to collaborate with CNG is not only due to CNG’s science-based, data-led, and thorough capabilities as a carbon offset project developer, but also because CNG currently has two listed projects with the Verra carbon standard which are at an advanced stage in the registration and audit process. All CNG’s projects and programmes have measurable, permanent, and verifiable impact on reducing greenhouse gases. 


The aim of the programme is to help overcome barriers preventing farmers from adopting improved agricultural land management practices, reducing emissions through more sustainable farming techniques, and helping to restore organic carbon to the soil. To date AgriCarbon has enrolled 160 000 hectares in the programme including SGS clients, supporting these farmers on their sustainable land management journey.  

Strong collaboration with SGS, who work closely with farmers to assist and advise on how to become more sustainable, increases the efficiency and success of the programme, positively impacting farmers and the communities in which they operate. 

SGS farming clients are presented with this opportunity to be guided and supported by SGS experts as well as CNG to unlock the road map of regenerative agriculture, so as to have a positive contribution in our fight against climate change while improving farming practices to create a more profitable and sustainable future for all” – Cobus Burger, Business Manager, SGS 


SGS’s precision farming services aids farmers to optimise their yield based on their conditions. Through their network of laboratories, SGS provides soil, plant tissues and water analyses for input optimisation, precision planting, irrigation management, pest and disease management, crop monitoring and thorough advice on regenerative farming practices and other agronomical needs. 

SGS’s precision farming involves the use of technology, such as GPS and sensors, to collect data and optimise farming practices. The goal of precision farming is to increase efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in agriculture, while minimising negative impacts on the environment.  

To help farmers produce premium, accurately measured carbon credits, AgriCarbon’s pioneering soil sampling and modelling tool generates credits at scale. These credits are independently verified by a third party and issued by VERRA – the largest carbon standard globally; ensuring carbon credits are credible. 

“Protecting our soil is critical to solving the climate crisis, and agriculture plays a vital part. We are excited that CNG has pioneered a new soil carbon modelling and calculation tool which will allow us to scale AgriCarbon. Our vision is to enrol over 1 million ha into the AgriCarbon programme with the support of SGS by 2025 in South Africa alone and we are currently rolling out AgriCarbon in Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina, thereby truly creating impact at scale.” says Franz Rentel, Country Director – CNG South Africa. 

CNG’s global reach and market of buyers secures the best price possible for farmers from the high-quality carbon credits produced by the programme. Looking ahead and building on the initial success of AgriCarbon™, CNG is expanding its partnerships to unlock carbon revenue for farmers driving the transition to sustainable, climate resilient agriculture. 

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About Climate Neutral Group – part of Anthesis 

Climate Neutral Group (CNG) is a leading international carbon consultancy and offset provider which recently merged with the Anthesis Group: the largest team of globally dedicated sustainability experts, operating in 40 countries. CNG is dedicated to combating climate change and supports companies on their journey to net zero emissions by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement. CNG South Africa specialises in carbon project development across Africa, with a team of experts who partner with local projects to help unlock the carbon revenue potential across the continent and generate premium carbon credits at scale. We passionately support over 3 500 companies globally in making a real climate impact and, as a result, have mitigated over 15 million tonnes of CO and improved the quality of life for thousands of people around the world. CNG is a founding partner and member of The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) since 2008, B-Corp Certified since 2015 and an ISEAL subscriber since 2019. Together we are a group of highly motivated, inspirational, and enthusiastic professionals dedicated to tackling climate change and offering sustainable solutions. 

About SGS

We are the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for sustainability, quality and integrity. Our 97,000 employees operate a network of 2,650 offices and laboratories, working together to enable a better, safer and more interconnected world.