How it works

Partner with AgriCarbon™ to maximise the profitability of your carbon journey.

Five steps to farming for impact

Boost yields, enhance resilience, and ensure future food security.


1. Tell us about your farm

Give us some background on your sustainable agricultural practices by registering here. This is essential for us to start your carbon certification process.

What farming practices qualify?

Adopt a change in any of these core categories:

  • Reduced application of synthetic fertiliser.
  • Improved irrigation management (energy efficiency).
  • Reduced soil disturbance practices such as minimum- or no- tillage.
  • Crop residue retention.
  • Rotational production of cash crops.
  • Relay/double/inter-cropping.
  • Rotational/adaptive/multi-species-grazing.

2. We'll analyse your data

Share your data records with us. We’ll use this to calculate the carbon credits owed to you, which we’ll motivate for in our submission to our independent auditors.

What information do I need to supply?

  • Soil and crop management details over the last six years.
  • Yields and crop residue management practices.
  • Fertiliser application regime (synthetic and organic).
  • For livestock: stocking density, type of livestock, number & size of paddocks, pasture details.
  • Records on soil testing, fuel use and irrigation where available.
  • Accurate and up-to-date farm/field maps.

3. We’ll verify and issue your carbon credits

While you carry on farming, we’ll liaise with our independent auditors, and motivate to get your carbon credits verified, certified and issued by Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard.

How much carbon can I expect?

Our programme has demonstrated potential yields of up to 10 tons of carbon credits per hectare of enrolled land, per year (based on actual submitted data). The amount of carbon achieved is influenced by the specific farming system, region and successful implementation of improved land management practices.


4. Get Paid

We’ll tap into our global network of buyers and secure the highest price possible for your credits. All upfront carbon certification costs are covered by AgriCarbon. There are no hidden costs.

How much will I get paid?

Any farm  enrolled in AgriCarbon in 2023 can expect prices starting from US$10 per verified carbon credit depending on the market prices. But with interest in agriculture-based carbon credits having accelerated over the last year, you can stand to earn even more.


5. Earn your loyalty bonus​

If you submit your data for a full five-year cycle, you will receive a 5% loyalty bonus. You can opt out of the contract at any time without any penalties.

What if I want to leave the programme, will I lose anything?

You won’t receive your loyalty bonus as well as any of the remaining “buffer credits” that are held in reserve by the Verra Carbon Standard which protect against carbon reversals.